Absence Procedures & Lateness

Evidence suggests that children with excellent attendance records achieve greater success at school. Your child’s education is very important and therefore it is imperative that a child maintains a good attendance record.

However, absences due to illness will inevitably occur from time to time. When a child is absent, for any reason, parents are asked to notify the school by telephone on the first day of absence.

Absence Procedures
If a child is absent from school the parent/carer must follow the following procedures:

  • Contact the school on the first day of absence before 9.20 am by Telephone: 01245 472686 or Email: admin@galleywood.essex.sch.uk The school has an answer phone available to leave a message if nobody is available to take your call, or call into school personally and speak to the office staff
  • Contact the school on every further day of absence, again before 9.20am
  •  Ensure that your child returns to school as soon as possible and you provide any medical evidence if requested to support the absence.


If your child is absent we will:

  • Telephone or text you on the first day of absence if we have not heard from you however it is your responsibility to contact us
  • Write to you if your child’s attendance is below 95%
  • Invite you in to school to discuss the situation with a Welfare Officer, Learning Mentor, Headteacher or another member of our Safeguarding team if absences persist
  • Refer the matter to the Local Authority for relevant sanctions if attendance deteriorates following the above actions


Poor punctuality is not acceptable. If a child misses the start of the day they can miss work and do not spend time with their class teacher getting vital information and news for the day.  Late arriving pupils also disrupt lessons, can be embarrassing for the child and can also
encourage absence. Good time-keeping is a vital life skill which will help our children as they progress through their school life and out into the wider world.

How we manage lateness:
The school day starts at 9 am. Children can begin to come into school from 8:50am.
Registers are taken between 9-9:10am and your child will receive a late mark ‘L’ if they are not in by that time. Children arriving after 9:10am are required to come in to school via the school office. The parent/carer will sign them into our ‘Late Book’ and provide a reason for their lateness which is recorded.

At 9.20am the registers will be closed. If your child has a persistent late record you will be asked to meet with the School Welfare Officer or Learning Mentor but you can approach us at any time if you are having problems getting your child to school on time. We expect parents and staff to encourage good punctuality by being good role models to our children and celebrate good class and individual punctuality.



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