At Galleywood Infant School we believe that learning in geography should encourage curiosity, wonder and fascination about people, communities, diverse places and the wider world we live in. Our geography curriculum aims to deepen children’s interest in exploring their own place in the world and nurture inquisitive thinking and questioning skills so they can interpret information. We aim to instil a love of inquiry and investigation in our children by sparking an interest beyond the local community and expanding their horizons to fascinating aspects of the world. Through this interest in the wider world we aim to foster globally-minded citizens who are aware of how to celebrate and protect the world in which they live.


Our geography curriculum is designed collaboratively, ensuring skills and vocabulary are built from EYFS through to Year 2. The curriculum is rooted in Galleywood, enabling our children to learn about the features of their immediate environment through first hand field-work and map work. Children are equipped with the skills to compare characteristics of significant human and physical features in the locality, before extending this knowledge beyond the UK. Whole school learning themes enable our children to gain knowledge of a variety of different locations during their time at Galleywood Infant School through high quality texts, artefacts, visitors, maps and video clips.


Sustainability is an important theme within our geography curriculum. Motivating our pupils to take an active part in contributing to and protecting their planet as they grow up is critical so children have a comprehensive global understanding and demonstrate respect for the environment, people and cultures. Understanding their responsibilities in society and having a sense of local, national and global scales of the world supports children to develop an opinion about eco themes and resolve issues in the environment surrounding sustainability.

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