At Galleywood Infant School we believe that learning history fosters curiosity about the past, how this impacts on our lives today and how people and events from the past shape our future. We aim for all children to be passionate about history, understanding and learning from human past experiences and achievements. The skills to be a good historian are transferrable and equip children to be life-long learners throughout the wider curriculum. History is based in enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation and teaches a questioning nature, encouraging children to ask “why?” It imparts a sense of perspective as pupils interrogate arguments, different opinions and interpretations and learn to weigh evidence, form arguments and build judgements.


Children are taught history as a distinct subject but it is often an integral part to our whole school learning theme, enabling teachers to design opportunities for children to immerse themselves in the reading and writing curriculum through a historical context. As part of our history curriculum children learn about significant individuals who have contributed to the world as well as about significant historical events in the UK and beyond. We teach our children to become historians with an understanding of chronology, developing the vocabulary to explain changes that have occurred over time. We bring our history curriculum to life through educational visits, first-hand experience of real artefacts, photographs, artwork and stories.

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