Design and Technology


Design and Technology is about finding ways solve real and relevant problems. At Galleywood Infant School we provide opportunities, linked to our whole school learning themes, for children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve problems. Alongside the design, make and evaluate cycle the children develop skills in food technology, woodwork, sewing, moving mechanisms and electronics.

Our DT curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop new skills in food technology, woodwork, sewing, moving mechanisms and electronics
  • experiment with their ideas by completing the design, make, evaluate cycle – often several times within a project
  • develop resilience by encountering and overcoming problems in any stage of the project process
  • develop the skills of evaluation through evaluating their work and the work of others


DT skills are taught discretely through blocks of learning that build from EYFS to Year 2. Our DT projects follow the design, make and evaluate cycle.  The DT subject leader works collaboratively with teachers in all year groups to design lessons that enable children to develop their skills through designing, making and evaluating a product. Children are encouraged to consider the effectiveness of their model by regularly evaluating and adapting their design. Making mistakes and finding ways to solve various issues is a big part of this cycle. Through DT learning blocks children have the opportunity to use real tools, to learn from experts and engage in both individual and collaborative projects.

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Galleywood Infant School
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Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Manning
SENCO - Mrs Kelly Fennell
Chair of Governors - Mr Richard  Holmes